Prayer Requests

"Keep your wants, your joys, your sorrows, your cares, and your fears, before God. You cannot burden Him; you cannot weary Him. He who numbers the hairs of your head is not indifferent to the wants of His children.... Take to Him everything that perplexes the mind... Nothing that in any way concerns our peace is too small for Him to notice.... No calamity can befall the least of His children, no anxiety harass the soul, no joy cheer, no sincere prayer escape the lips, of which our heavenly Father is unobservant, or in which He takes no immediate interest,." SC 100

Jesus and Family

Call prayer requests into the morning prayer line:
6 am to 7 am
(605) 468-8026
Enter pin: 310654
Please note: This call is NOT toll free


Email prayer requests to:

Requests will be prayed for on the morning prayer line.
Please indicate if you wish your request to be anonymous.

To join us at the next prayer retreat:
Camp Lawroweld Lodge